Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Catch Up, Part II

We did make it to AZ for Christmas and New Years this year which was really nice.  Mom was not feeling up to running around very much while there so we are sorry to have missed some of our usual playdates with old friends, but happy to have spent so much quality time with family.  It was also nice to be back in January, get back into our usual routines, and be welcomed with snow!  You two kept asking why there wasn't snow on Christmas!  I have to also admit that the blaring sun and wide roads took us all by surprise this time around....I guess we are becoming true New Englanders!  Here are a few random shots from these last few months to get us all caught up.  Truth be told, we have not been taking as many pictures lately.  I guess that shows just how busy Dad has been since he is usually our photographer.  Did I mention he has 4 jobs right now?!  Yes, 2 research assistantships, 1 position at the law library as an aide (where he does his homework in the evenings so we don't distract him), as well as his "real" job working at a private firm in the area.  The best part is that the last job I mentioned is for keeps!  We are so excited be settling down soon, right where we are (okay, not right where we are, but somewhere near here)!  Okay, on to the pictures....
One highlight of the trip at the Phoenix Zoo!

Making our way to the top of Mt. Lemmon to find the "White Witch"

Family Walk in one of the many parks we visited

Thanks to Grandpa and Grandma Luthien, you have not taken off your new backpack/lunchbox yet!  We also got winter coats for Christmas so we can finally be outside here!

Eating icicles and undressing after our first venture in the snow upon coming home

A nightly happening around midnight: hearing Bastian's footsteps coming down the hall to find us in the kitchen, on our computers, or in bed; pajamas stripped off however, seemed to be a week-long experiment, luckily you are out of that phase and we just need to work on the sleeping bit! 

Going outside during the first major blizzard...

And later making snow forts and going sledding for the first time!  Our snowmen didn't work out too well unfortunately :(

Poor baby, you have already been getting neglected: 25 week belly shot, much larger earlier on than your brother and sister were

Luthien, you are enjoying writing so much these days; you worked so hard on these Valentines for your classmates as well as Valentines for family members (you must have been worn out because you usually enjoy making homemade playdough but Mom had to do most of the work this time around)!

Bastian you have had a passion for throwing, hitting, and swinging for a long time; I finally allowed these foam swords (thanks Grandpa!) so you wouldn't chase your sister with hard objects.  At the same time you discovered the Star Wars books at the library and things haven't been quite the same around here since!  Here you two are as Anakin Skywalker and Princess Leia minus the buns :)

And Luthien, my girl always full of ideas; one day I heard you cutting something out and then you asked me to roll up two pieces of tape...I turned around only to find you had transformed into a Sabertooth Tiger!

We also have become fascinated with Legos around here much to Daddy's delight....he has been fulfilling all of his childhood dreams setting up The Hobbit and Star Wars Lego sets with you two.  Luthien, you in particular seem to really enjoy this, Bastian you may be more like your Mama and unfortunately not as patient and creative with this sort of activity, we shall see....

I think I am actually caught up!  More again soon!

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