Monday, April 30, 2012

Birthday Boy

Happy Birthday my sweet Bastian boy.  Although you are showing more attitude, resistance and stubbornness lately, you still are a very sweet boy.  You continue to say please and thank you unprompted, and love animals and babies almost as much as balls.  You seem to be having a growth spurt lately, requesting mass amounts of fruit and protein.  Yesterday for breakfast you ate 5 eggs with kale, yes 5, as well as half a banana and a huge bowl of pineapple.  I'll be sure to tell that to the pediatrician when/if she bugs me about your weight like she did last time :)

We had a little party for you a few days before your actual birthday.  It was windier than it has been lately, but still a fun day at the park.  Today for your birthday we had fun playing only things you wanted to play for a change (vs. Luthien), like ball, lots of outside time, and reading all your favorite books (Clifford and Henry and Mudge are some that come to mind right now).

Pink and purple (strawberry and blackberry) ice cream was served per your request

The best gift ever from Nana/Grandad

I can't believe you are 2!  

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Easter, plus other happenings

Dear children,
You say the funniest things every day and I wish I was better organized to record them.  Here are a few recent fave remarks:

"Dad, I can run really fast with my poopy pants!" (we have never used the phrase poopy pants in our household)
"I love you and you love me mom." (a commonly used phrase these days)

"I'm going to town on this bread."
"I'm growing moles and hair on my arms so I must be growing up!"
"Dad, my arms don't reach all the way around your tummy..."

And now for a few pictures......

we finally got one of these, crucial for our new method of learning art; these are your first drawings with it

we love talking about fairies, goblins, and nature adventures (sooo Waldorf, as Dad would say), which somehow transpired into reading these ultra cheesy fairy books with our great friend Sebastian

playing with the "nest" material with preschool playgroup friends, more fun than dying the Easter eggs

showing off a new haircut- one for you, Luthien and one for mom, by none other than stylist Rome Rapier

showing off a homemade hot chocolate face

more creations: note the marker on the chalkboard by Bastian, and Luthien exploring the many ways of using/holding chalk as well as patterning

inspired by dad, Luthien, you decided to take up the art/business of grooming and styling too!

a new friend's doggie, Red, and awesome backyard!

 Easter was a nice, relaxed day with quite a few fun things to wake up to, in addition to gifts and treats from relatives.  New books, a few "natural" treats, and soft dolls were the highlights.  Bastian, this is the first time I realized how much you love candy- or perhaps you only now have developed the demanding method of requesting it, and stubborn attitude when you are told "no."

"Carbon-offset Chet" for you, Bastian!

Mom was a little obsessed with them at her new "job!"

Bastian you have just transitioned to sleeping in Luthien's room!  It lasts until usually about 2 a.m.!