Monday, March 18, 2013

5 Months of Catch Up, part I

Dear Luthien and Bastian,
No, I haven't given up on your blog! We are going to start where we left off, and as you can imagine there are many new developments!  After eating wonderful food in Vermont as I mentioned, the car ride home became the beginning of terrible morning sickness for me.  Yes, your baby brother/sister will be coming sometime around the middle-end of May and you guys are so excited!  Luthien, you were most excited in the beginning but now I would have to say Bastian is.  So Mom was happy to have had her "last supper" in Vermont be such a delicious one.  I will say the sickness only lasted until about the 16th week this time around so that is when I felt like I became a mom again, after weeks of not cooking, a terribly messy home, and lying in bed while having you two run around and cause all kinds of mischief (I actually still stuck to our "no t.v." rule pretty well in those days, I must say)!  In the weeks following of course we had lots of fun enjoying the fall festivities around here.  I will start with photos from Halloween and Thanksgiving and tell you more very soon!

At your good friend Dot/Lucy's neighborhood "fall festival" at which we were the only non-neighbors but were delighted to be invited!  You certainly enjoyed the donut on a string game :)

Tearing into the Halloween costumes Nana brought during her October visit!  This is actually your cousin Georges' costume but you were fascinated by it!

Bastian- in your tiger Halloween costume; Luthien was a spider, the costume made by Nana, and somehow I didn't get a picture :(

While Nana visited we made a trip to Providence and found a quaint playground boasting beautiful New England colors and charm!

Another highlight of the season: our friend Sebastian's pirate-themed birthday party!

Always a favorite pastime

Sebastian's neighborhood beach is one of our very favorites, and where we stayed over the summer for our Rapier family was good to be back there with Nana and Grandad again in the fall!

Luthien, you began spelling your name accurately and independently during October; I walked in to find this on the couch!

And even attempting new words- "Bastian"

Finally, we spent Thanksgiving in Brooklyn with our Aunts/Uncles and cousins, what a treat!

You both have grown up so much since this time but I will have to refrain from sharing until another day (soon I promise)!


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