Thursday, August 8, 2013

Bastian turned 3, Daddy became a lawyer, and we had a baby

The title pretty much says it all!  I wanted to write to my sweet Bastian boy on his third birthday but things were more than a little hectic.  Rome graduated from law school May 13th, and our baby girl came right on schedule (1 week early just as predicted), on May 15th.  We gave her the name Tauriel Yorke Rapier.  She has been the sweetest blessing and is the "easiest," happiest baby we have had yet.  By now we have made it through the Bar exam and are hopeful that we can call Rome a real lawyer soon!
We surprised Bastian with a Star Wars cake for his birthday
I love after-birth photos, but no amount of editing could crop all the body parts I wanted out (thanks Dad); so here we are a couple hours after the birth, just as candid I think
Tauriel a few days old and so smiley!  Okay, it was really at 5 weeks when her first real smile came, but she often smiled like this as a newborn and has been my smiliest baby yet

You were born with lots of dark brown hair (but not in the front)!
A certain little girl could not have been happier she got her wish for a little sister!
A tired but proud Dad studying for the Bar

The woman I couldn't have done any of this without...  Nana came for graduation and stayed a whole month!  
Trying for a family shot...didn't work out so well :)

My sweet older children; you have become quite the wild ones since the baby arrived, but also helpful.  We have tried to continue our outings for all of our sanity, such as to some of our favorite farms
But mostly we are at the beach in the summers!
Tauriel has done a lot of hanging out in the shade of the beach
Oh yeah, somewhere in there Mom had a birthday.  Of course Daddy fixed an amazing meal with gluten-free cupcakes for dessert!

More summer adventures with brand new Tauriel :)
...and more beaching
And of course, lots of snuggling

What a miraculous past few months.  Can't wait for more adventures as a mom of 3!
Love, Mama

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  1. Yayy!!! SO happy you updated. Tauriel already looks so big and less newborn-ish. She's so precious. Can't believe Rome is done with law school and has taken the bar! Let's talk soon!!