Sunday, December 18, 2011


....Augustus and Tra-la-la, the newest members of our family.  Here's to our embarking into a whole new realm of handmade toys and other goodies.  Never mind Augustus' tattered trousers (we were working with less than ideal scraps of yarn).

I am so glad we can find joy in simple, often less-than-perfect toys like these.  Value #101 Mom has learned from being on the poor side :) We have been having so much fun playing these days!

Love Mama


We had a beautiful Thanksgiving at the home of some of our most favorite friends here in Mass.  Wouldn't have been complete without some simple costuming for the kids :)
I will not take credit for this Pilgrim hat considering its' poor design and assembly :)

I guess your father redeemed himself with the turkey costume

Growing Up

You Two....Luthien, you are really changing these days into a little girl, both in words and appearance.  Bastian, when did you start speaking in sentences?  Your intelligibility isn't great but the things you say I think are pretty impressive.  On to some much-needed photo updating from this fall:

We have an almost identical picture of Dad doing this same trick at your age