Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Dear Luthien,
Too often I become frustrated or worry about the things you aren't doing or don't seem to show interest in, or the fact that you are so shy.  I am sorry.

Today during lunch we had another discussion about organic food and why we found a caterpillar on our kale and why that is a good thing.

Then, you sat for a LONG time staring and talking about that caterpillar and teaching your brother how to be gentle with it; and I was grateful.

Grateful for a little girl who may not be interested in picking up a paintbrush at the moment, but for a sweet girl who has forever been a lover and respecter of living things.  A girl who thinks, asks questions, and observes a lot for her age.

Miss Luthien, almost 2

Luthien, 3 1/2 
If you ever did such a thing as drift off to sleep, tonight I would have sung you a song I have sung since you were born, with the lyrics, " are you, and there's never going to be anyone like you."  Even Mamas need to be reminded sometimes.


Monday, March 19, 2012

More things we do

Forgot to include this classic shot from the Children's Museum awhile ago!

We build high towers with cool new blocks...

Read stories to eachother....

Allow Mom to make a few splurge purchases when she feels her children have been too cold/wet for too long....

Take swim lessons (note: until the experience proves to be not so traumatic for you Luthien, I will refrain from taking any pictures of you)....

Look really cute...

Make a batch of homemade playdough and decide to make pillows for our animals....

Build really cool castles with more new blocks....

Play LOTS of basketball and football together...

And build "cities" all by ourselves that include beds for our pinecone people!

We are oh so busy, can't you tell?!  Actually we have felt rather busy around here, and are continually trying to figure out ways to be home more.  Luthien, note in the last picture, you have been holding your jaw in an underbite position for weeks now, ever since reading about "Zeke" the bulldog from the Mr. Putter and Tabby series!!  It is driving me crazy!  I am trying not to bring too much attention to it and am hoping it will pass.  As we read that book from the library over and over one week, I watched the wheels turn as you stared at the pages and started pushing your lower jaw out.  And you haven't ceased since you figured out you could look like Zeke.  Really funny.

I love you two!