Monday, October 8, 2012


Dad surprised me/us by planning a short road trip to Vermont so we could experience more of the fall colors, go apple picking, and see if Burlington is an area we would be interested in settling.  It definitely stole our hearts as expected!  The somewhat mountainous, more open landscape gave us enough of a West coast feel that, for us, is the perfect mixture with the town's East coast charm and gorgeous Lake Champlain setting.  Add in a little French culture from nearby Montreal and we were smitten.

there is a huge local/natural food culture that exists in Burlington so we were able to enjoy locally raised grass-fed burgers, pate, and of course Vermont cheese and maple syrup

arriving at the apple orchard, mom  a little chilly from the rain that day... didn't stop me from picking a bushel and a half mostly myself (that's about 50 lbs folks)
okay, maybe I had a little help :)

as it turned out the rain made for a picturesque setting filled with all sorts of natural wonders

free apple cider to the crazy improperly dressed lady of the day
(the parents in this household have yet to purchase rain gear for ourselves so there was nothing that could be done in this case; I just "pretended" that I forgot my rain boots for the day!)

once there were picking poles involved, you were totally up for the challenge!

the adorable stretch of shops in downtown Burlington
Overall, a great trip filled with lots of wonderful memories.  I see resumes being sent in the near future!  We couldn't help but notice what great little travelers you two have become.  I used to be afraid of taking road trips but no more!

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  1. Just beautiful colors, I'm so jealous. I think we'll need to take a New England autumn-time trip as soon as possible. Hope winter is just as incredible for you.